Appaloosa coat patterns, coat colour genetics and practical information for breeders of spotted horses - The Appaloosa Project Appaloosa coat patterns, coat colour genetics and practical information for breeders of spotted horses - The Appaloosa Project
Appaloosa coat patterns, coat colour genetics and practical information for breeders of spotted horses - The Appaloosa Project
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Getting the best of your Appaloosa Project subscription

Thank you for subscribing to the Appaloosa Project. We appreciate your support and want to ensure you get the most out of your subscription, so here are some tips on how to use our site.

If you ever need assistance or want to get in touch with us, please don't hesitate. Just click here and select the contact option that best suits your request. Thank you!

Logging in

Once you have received emailed confirmation that your account is active, you can log in to the site. Enter your user name and the password you chose in the fields at the upper right of any page of our site.

As you log in, you may like to check the 'Remember Me' box, to avoid having to enter your log in details again.

You are successfully logged in when you can see 'Hello [YourUserName]' in place of the log in fields. What's more, you'll see 2 additional menus, allowing you to navigate the educational site and electronic classroom. If you have entered your user name and password and have not seen either of these things, please carefully check the user name you have been assigned (noting that there should not be any spaces between words or letters) and password.

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Special note for AOL users
If you use the AOL browser, you are likely to have trouble logging in to and browsing this site. If you find that you do not remain logged in or - once logged in - get an error message asking you to log in again we suggest you use Internet Explorer to view this site.

What's in the web site?

Our web site is split into 3 main sections.

This section introduces the Appaloosa Project, our research, team and fundraising efforts and does not require you to log in to view its contents.

Educational Site
The second section is our educational site and now that you've logged in, you can see your menu options to the left. The full answer to our Hot Topic of the Month can always be found at the very top of this menu.

Below the hot topic menu option, you'll find a series of sections dealing with coat patterns and coat colours, some of which are split into subsections. Within each of these sections, you'll find a visual learning centre consisting of comprehensive photo albums.

Click on the title of each photo album to enter it. Once in the photo album, be sure to follow the click for more links to enlarge each photo and view comprehensive information describing the key points illustated by the image.

We've also included the option to browse all albums at your leisure.

Next, check out the frequently asked questions (FAQs). This area of the site is packed with dozens of key questions dealing with all aspects of Appaloosa coat patterning, pattern and colour probabilities and more. To move through the FAQs, you have 2 options:
- browse through each of the FAQ sections or;
- use the search option to hunt for what you're interested in, eg 'blue eyes'
We frequently refer our electronic classroom subscribers to the FAQs for the background information they need to understand the answers we give to their specific questions.

Additionally, in this section we provide an extensive glossary to help you to understand the technical language of genetics, access to articles on the Lp gene and a series of other genetics resources.

Electronic Classroom
The electronic classroom section of our site requires a separate subscription. Within this section, you can browse nearly 4 years worth of classroom archives from our time as a Yahoo-based list as well as ask questions specifically about your breeding programme or registry.

Whether it's information on breeding decisions most likely to deliver coloured foals, information on night blindness or on the effect of coat colour on Appaloosa patterning, this is where you can ask the questions of the actual researchers. This section has its own how to section, letting subscribers know how to use the email system.

Changing your web site settings and preferences

Your Control Panel is the place to go to
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Change your password or email address
Click on the Control Panel link at the upper right of your screen and select the "My Settings" tab. To change your password or email address, select the Change my password option and then click the Update My Information button.

Enter your new password or email address and click the Update button.

Change the text size of the site
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While a "Set My Language" option is visible, the site uses English (British) throughout, therefore we have turned the language selection off.

Don't hesitate to contact us

If you need assistance of any kind, please don't be afraid to let us know. Just click here and choose the contact option that best suits your request. Thank you again for subscribing!

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