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Welcome to the Appaloosa Project's Educational Website

Are you fascinated by how Appaloosa horses look? Then whether you are an admirer, owner or breeder of any spotted breed, you will be interested in the Appaloosa Project.

Your key to consistently producing well-marked Appaloosas

This website provides the latest research on Appaloosa coat patterning and related traits. Using this information, you will become part of the movement the Appaloosa Project represents - fostering a new generation of breeders of spotted horses world-wide. Ultimately, the information you gather from The Appaloosa Project will help you breed consistently for well-marked foals.

We speak in plain English

The Appaloosa Project is an international collaborative effort by scientists interested in unravelling the mysteries of pigmentation in the horse. In addition to our research work, we strive to assist breeders of Appaloosas and other spotted breeds with the practical application of our findings. We speak in plain English and we specialise in making a complex subject easy to understand.

Two subscription options

The Appaloosa Project now provides a subscription-based service in order to fund ongoing research projects. All proceeds go towards the benefit of the Appaloosa and related spotted breeds worldwide. By subscribing to the Appaloosa Project, you will be directly helping develop DNA tests for the main Appaloosa gene (LP) and major pattern causing genes (PATN), as well as help us to learn more about the function of these genes.

We offer 2 subscription options: A) Access to this educational web site only or B) access to both the web site and our Electronic Classroom:

Subscription A - Educational Web Site
The information on this site is based upon the most current genetics research being performed today. In addition to Appaloosa-specific information, other relevant equine coat colour and pattern research is covered. Educational Website subscribers can access articles, search through the FAQ section, and study the extensive photo/text albums (over 40 subject areas), as well as enjoy regular research updates. [ Subscribe now ]

Subscription B - Web Site and Electronic Classroom
In addition to all the benefits of A), subscribers will join the Appaloosa Project's Electronic Classroom. Previously running as a Yahoo-based list for three successful years, this is a fun, interactive learning environment. Breeders and enthusiasts can learn, gather information for their own breeding program and ask questions of the Appaloosa Project research team members. [ Subscribe now ]


Read more about our current research, including the search for the LP and PATN genes, meet the Appaloosa Project team and prepare to absorb an enormous amount of information about Appaloosa coat patterns!